The Artist.


Hello, my name is Robin Stewart.  I have been an artist all my life.  I've been entertaining my artistic muse with beautiful creations, in an array of diverse mediums such as sculpting, music, writing and that of a miniaturist. But my most accomplished passion is for Metal Smithing. It's what fills my artsy soul with purpose and excitement! 


It makes me happy to be able to create beautiful jewlelry that brings pleasure and enjoyment to others.

The Brilliance.

I start with flat sheets of metal and wires of silver, copper, bronze and brass, and I transform those plain, pieces of metal and wires into dazzling pieces of jewelry and art.


First, I envision and design in my mind how I'd like a piece to look and feel. Sometimes, if I'm using a natural stone in the piece, the stone might dictate the character of the piece. And sometimes I just let my creativity flow.  Those are my best creating days...when I simply do what I feel. These kind of days yeild some truly beautiful and creative works of art.


I am inspired by nature and culture.  I am also not necessarily a fan of symetry, so I tend to design pieces that have an organic feel and a  natural flow to them.  I like for my pieces to show of hand fabrication.  They have a human quality to them.  I like to incorporate textures and coloring by way of oxidation techniques. 


Often times, ideas and designs come to me in my sleep!  Not necessarily a good thing.  But I always welcome my creativity.  I keep a sketch pad on my night stand so I can catch all the awesome ideas that pop into my head. It's actually an awesome feeling.



The Beauty.

I incorporate an array of different mediums into my work.  The usage of mixed metals and natural gemstones are essential to the creation of diverse, interesting and beautiful designs. that evoke a feeling of earthiness, nature and fun!!


Each piece brings it's own character, style and flavor. Whether it's contemporary, eclectic, boho, afrocentric or asian inspired, I like all my pieces to have a personality.


When you purchase a piece of my art, you should know about all the love, skill, hard work, and dedication that goes into producing it. My goal is that it will bring you pleasure and enjoyment to wear and keep for years to come.  

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